Woodsman on a quest to slay a witch


Name: Krugar
Order: Stalkers of the Unseen Hunt
Profession: Hunter
Faith: Mix of Lutheran and Paganism
Virtue: Justice
Vice: Bloodthirsty
Age: 25
Height: 5’11"
Weight: 188lbs
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Green
Description: He wears a leather long coat over a protective buffcoat, both looking quite worn. A wide brimmed hat covers his long hair. Light stubble runs across his face. He keeps a crossbow across his back and an old sword at his hip.


Krugar is a native of Germania. He became a witch hunter after nearly being eaten by an ogre in the black forest. He barely escaped the monster. It tracked him for days before he was finally able to lure it to a cliff and used a trapped log to knock it over the edge. He was then approached by an old hunter who had been following along, trying to catch up and save him. That man then indoctrinated Krugar into the Stalker’s of the Unseen Hunt.

During a hunt, Krugar discovered that several of the beasts he had slain were all connected. Puzzling his way to the source, he learned that a witch was responsible for their creation. Before he could confront her though, she fled her lair. Krugar began to track her across europe, trying to catch up to her. Soon he realized that she had some as of yet unrevealed scheme. He slew her minions where he found them, never quite able to find her in time.

Eventually the witch cross the ocean for the new world. Krugar found a ship that was captained by a member of the Apostles of the New Dawn that was willing to provide him passage.


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